Redlight Therapy - Madison location only! 

​​Do you have scarring, acne, stretch marks, or surgical wounds?

Do you have fine lines, wrinkles, or age spots?  

Red Light Therapy is for YOU!

· Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
· Improves skin tone
· Lightens age spots, under-eye circles and reduce pore size
· Heals blemishes
· Helps produce a longer lasting tan
· Increases moisture retention

 Better skin CAN be yours!

Regular Lay Downs - There's nothing regular about these 20 minute lay downs. The 32 bulbs, 100 watts, deliver a breath-taking tan that will look like you've been on the beach all summer long. We use only the highest quality bulbs so we can assure all our customers that they are receiving only the best from their tanning experience. Frequent use of these beds and your tan will stay ravishing all year long.

Mega Bed - Also known as the "bronzing bed. " A fabulous way to boost your tanning experience in only 15 minutes! If you feel like your tan is going nowhere, this is the bed for you. This spacious bed with a rotating canopy has eight facial tanners, four shoulder tanners, and hair high lighters. Plus the Mega Bed is equipped with it's own air conditioner to keep you cool and relaxed. The Mega Bed is armed with 42bulbs, 160 watts on top and 100 watts on the bottom, to give you that golden tan you've been striving to achieve.


Regular Stand-Ups (Madison location) -The Stand-ups are the perfect way to get that remarkable tan in only 11 minutes. The 46 bulbs give off 160 watts of tanning wonder. If you are tired of laying there for 20 minutes give this bed a go. Switching back and forth between the stand-ups and lay down bed allows you to have an even tan all over.


Leg Tanner - Can't seem to get your legs caught up with the rest of your body? With 32 reflector bulbs at 80 watts each, you are sure to complete that look you've been trying to achieve in just 10 minutes. Give this bed a whirl when you are in a hurry or just need to get your legs caught up with the rest of your body. However, be careful this is a hot one!

Super Stand-Up (Madison location) - If time is of the essence give the Super Stand up a "whirl." In only nine minutes the 60 reflector bulbs, 160/180 watts, will give you the perfect tan! To make it more comfortable, the Super Stand-Up has an incredible 15 mph wind tunnel to keep you cool. You'd better put your hair up for this one!  

Scottsburg location - Try our regular stand-up like this with 48 reflector bulbs to even out your tan!

Powerhouse Bed - This bed is 15 minutes of total tanning experience. With 55 bulbs. 160 watts, top and bottom, mixed with high pressure facial tanners, 6 shoulder tanners/ hair high lighters, you'll radiate that sun kissed glow in no time. If you like it hot this is your bed. If the facial tanners are too much turn around and even out those legs. Anyway you lay in it the Powerhouse bed is a spectacular way to go beyond the tanning plateau. Just once or twice a week between regular bed visits and your friends will think you've been vacationing in the islands.